Telegraphing Punches: Why Falluja wasn’t a Ghosttown

Fuck Amnesty InternationalHumorous note on Falluja by The Decadent West: Fuck Amnesty International.

We’re not warmongerers here at DW, but you gotta know when to hold ’em, and when to fucking fold ’em. And in the case of these motherfuckers in Fallujah, fold ’em, stuff ’em in a fucking box, kick ’em off a fucking mountain, and if you kill a kid while you do it, tough titty. They should’ve had their Mom and Dad take their sorry ass out of Dodge during the two fucking months heads up they got. They’re better off dead if they’re too fucking stupid to walk out of town. Come on — even the goddamn INSURGENTS got out of fucking town.

Astute, we telegraphed this punch for two months… why were there people still in Falluja?

  1. We may have given them a heads up. But I’m sure many of the inhabitants have the much justified opinion of “who in the hell is the USA to tell make me leave MY home.” If your neighbor gave you a 2 months warning that he was going to move in and punch your lights out if you wer there when he came in would you want to tell him to go f*ck himself? It’s YOUR home, who is he to tell you to leave?