Team America Movie Trailer

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Team America: World Police trailer is out. I wasn’t expecting explosions galore (well, it is a trailer), but seeing George Washington’s (Mt. Rushmore) mouth open for a plane to land gave me a chuckle. Slated for release in October, I think it’s safe to say this movie will have some impact on the elections, if only in the journalism realm.

Team America trailer

UPDATE: The Bush Administration is seriously pissed off about this movie. According to Drudge, an unnamed advisor said “I really do not think terrorism is funny, and I would suggest PARAMOUNT give respect to those fighting and sacrificing to keep America safe […] This is just unconscionable. Not funny…” And Bush isn’t even in the movie. This administration’s priorities are completely out of whack if a satirical movie with freaking puppets is causing them consternation.

Team America Trailer []
White House Anger at Hollywood Election Surprise: Paramount Puppet Movie to Mock Terror War [Drudge Report]

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