T4dW – Not responsible for Dain Bramage

Another week, another set of tunes for the (da) weekend. This week I had to sort through a selection of over 80 songs and, though I’d love to post everyone one of them, some simply didn’t make the cut. Apologies in advance to those who didn’t, I still love you (and I’m certainly not the authority on music). Keep making great music guys.

I also want to respond to what Al3x said about the art of mash-ups:

“Most of the stuff Stephen links to would make a great soundtrack for your weekend partying (as he suggests), but you’ll be sick of it by Monday.”

He’s right, but I have to say that for every twenty or so mash-ups that make for simple weekend music, there’s one that’s going to stand out and survive the test of longevity, some artists like Go Home Productions and SoundHog, are making a science out of this by making songs that will classic bootlegs. I’ll include them of course from time to time as they release noteworthy songs (many of which are, but such compilations seem to take longer to create). That said, I played this CD at a party, and most everyone was listening with huge eyes, asking “what the fuck is that, it rocks”, especially that Outkast/Queen mash-up.

Ok, now that I’ve said my little spiel, don’t think that I’m going to stick my nose up in the air and only choose songs for their longevity, after all, my claim is only for the weekend (although I don’t recommend tossing the CD come Monday morning). Just enjoy my selections, and tune in to GyboFM during the week if this doesn’t satisfy your weekly fix for badass DJ mixes.

And now… drumroll please… Tunes For (4) the (da) Weekend (T4dW):

  • A DJ by the name of Lazy Tramp imagined that David Bowie got coked up one weekend with the Beastie Boys and went to a stripclub to perform Let’s Pole Dance (3.4MB – 3:38). If this is true, permit me to pass Bowie a line.
  • Mr. Trick made this nice mix of Will Smith’s latest rap over the top of classic rock riffs, loops and beats. Black Sabbath, Led Zep, Iggy Pop, AC/DC, Cypress Hill and The Fugees. Nod Ya Head (3.2MB – 3:26)
  • Fujukato, together with Frank Funk, has an original tune called Friday Night Update (3.3MB – 3:29). You will dance to this, unless you have no rhythm.
  • DJ A-Team funked out Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher Man, added a teensy splash of Aerosmith – Walk This Way, and makes you want to boogey with Walk Like a Preacher Man (2.7MB – 2:52).
  • DJ Mei Lwun has a really good long mix that will get any party going called HIPster-Hop (42MB – 61:01). Seriously, it has class.

This week’s list may seem a little short, but I’m trying to contrain myself to a 72 minute CD, and HIPster HOP kinda made it difficult. I may break this format as I’ve been seeing more downtempo mixes and really long mixes where one or two would fill up a CD (speaking of which, if you haven’t downloaded the Strictly Kev’s Raiding the 20th Century (51.9MB – 39:04), well then you should). If anyone wants to point me to original remixes or interesting music, please email me at: mail AT stephenvandyke DOT come. Until next week, Enjoy!

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I hope I didn’t come off too negative. I definitely appreciate your selections, and I totally agree that every now and again there are some real mashup gems with serious longevity. Cheers ^_^