T4dW IV – Get Your Bukakke On

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gybo t4dw Welcome and hello again. As it is another Friday afternoon, it’s time to find a fresh writeable CD, crack open a beer and burn some fresh new music for the weekend. DJs and enthusiasts alike are encouraged to send music to t4dw at stephenvandyke dot com for my approval or mockery. The image to the right is completely unauthorized and there is no affiliate between stephenvandyke.com and GYBO other than the fact that I regurgitate the good stuff that is posted over there, much like taking a 3-hour long bukakke and editing it to 5-minutes of quality money shots. Onward to the bukakke…

On to this week’s list:

  • Let’s start off cheesy shall we? Some guy named schoenvonhinten figured the A-Team would battle with the Beastie Boys against the bad guys and there would be lots of explosions, with Mr. T saying: “I love it when a plan comes together” (3.4MB – 3:37). Download Sucka!
  • Go Home Productions thought he could keep his beautifully produced Madonna vs The Sex Pistols mashup-ology of Ray of Gob (3.0MB – 2:32) off the web, since he’s gotten the go ahead to sell it legit. We’ll see how long this stays up (thanks to Mr White Label).
  • DJ TiiM blew me away with this awesome mash of Armand Van Helden – Funk Phenomena VS Annie Lennox – Little Bird (6.0MB – 6:30)
  • Cropstar must have blown a hip-hop gasket when he booted Audio Bullys vs Jazzy Jeff to create Shake the Ego (5.0MB – 3:34).
  • Von Riddler wants you to clap your hands and shake your ass to N.E.R.D vs Missy Elliot – She Wants It Really Hot (4.9MB – 3:31).
  • Paul Your Leg was too dumb or lazy to set up his website properly, but you shouldn’t hold that against him because he managed to upload this fine mix of Run DMC vs James Brown called America’s Like That (6.3MB – 4:33). HUH! Get down, uh!
  • Nefarious is another one of those lazy DJs who can’t even put up a website. Maybe he is too busy creating great bootlegs like Crystal Method vs. Sean Paul called Prime Mover – Get Busy (6.8MB – 7:24).
  • And since no weekend is complete without a DJ set mix, here’s Xii with Nintendoclash (39.2MB – 42:46). Proper tracklisting can be found here, may feel a bit oldskool for some of you, but I liked it.

That’s it, there’s no more. I don’t want to see you come back here until Monday. I don’t post on the weekends OK?

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