Street Artists take over SanFran Hotel decor

Hotel Des ArtsThis is a non-political thing, but I wanted to link to it anyways because it’s really cool, and it’s the weekend.

So, a bunch of street artists (ie- the folks who spraypaint big ass murals on the side of the freeway) were let loose on Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco, they each painted their own room with incredible cool results. From Wooster Collective:

Last night our friend Logan Hicks told us about a new hotel in San Francisco Hotel Des Arts that recently asked an incredible group of artists to each design a hotel room. Logan tells us: “The hotel is pretty cool. More of a European hotel vibe than the big American feel. It is relatively cheap too. You can get rooms starting at $60, and it is right in San Fran.”

Cheap indeed, especially for San Francisco.

Stephen VanDyke

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