“Stick with Bushie”

Will Ferrell as George W.
The voter contact program “America Coming Together” (ACT) has produced a hilarious commerical to counter the Bush administration’s recent media blitz on the Kerry campaign. Here is a quote from the ACT site WhitehouseWest.com which is hosting the Bush “commerical”:

After spending over $75 million on fraudulent attacks, Karl Rove is back to selling the true Texas cowboy. Throughout August, Bush campaign commericals will feature President Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Join ACT and our friend Will Ferrell for a behind-the-scenes look at “White House West.” We promise it’s the best commerical you’ll see this election.

Help stop the Republican’s fraud by joining ACT today and signing our petition to the FCC.

The petition asks the FCC to require “proof of fact” before campaigns can air their political advertisements. Apparently these productions aren’t required to meet the FCC’s “false advertising” regulations.

If you like Will Ferrell’s impression of Bush during his tenure on Saturday Night Live then you’ll be gut-laughing at this “commercial” and its “behind the scenes” bloopers. The first outtake sets the tone for the rest of the spoof:

BUSH: “Well, as you know, ever since I took office… things have been really really bad..


BUSH (Looking bewildered): “That seemed like a good one..”

OFSCREEN VOICE: “You said “bad” instead of “good“…


One of the funnier commericals I’ve seen in a while.

» Watch the video [WhitehouseWest.com]
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