Stewart: “I saw [Teresa Heinz Kerry] kill a hobo with her bare hands”; Brokaw: “Yes”

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart ripped into the mainstream media on their own show, with this humorous discourse on the media’s focus on Teresa Heinz Kerry’s tiff with a reporter. Here’s the relevant snippet from the conversation/interview with Tom Brokaw:

BROKAW: Is it a thought for John Kerry to just give his speech to Bill Clinton on Thursday night and say, why don?Äòt you go give it for me?

STEWART: Listen, he?Äòs–I think, you know, if he doesn?Äòt rise to the occasion, he doesn?Äòt deserve to be president.

But the interesting thing to me is, with all the challenges that face the country today, whether it be terrorism or the economy or that, the real question is, are the Democratic wives loose cannons? I think that?Äòs really the thing that we should all be talking about.

BROKAW: Well, we had a chance to talk with Teresa Heinz Kerry earlier tonight. And she said that reporter mischaracterized what she had said. He came back to her and said, what were you talking about un-American activities?


BROKAW: And she said certain un-American traits, which is civil discourse in American politics.

STEWART: Absolutely.

But it is–I think we should focus a lot of time on the wife race, because, as you remember, we nearly lost World War II when Eleanor Roosevelt told the reporter from ?ÄúThe Hartford Times Courant?Äù to sit on it. So, these are issues that we really should be talking about. And Teresa Heinz Kerry, for what it?Äòs worth, yesterday I saw kill a hobo with her bare hands.

BROKAW: Now, when you?Äòre down here on the fort, a lot of people come up and ask your opinion.


STEWART: You?Äòre going to let me go with that? You?Äòre just going to let me say Teresa Heinz Kerry killed a hobo with her bare hands?

BROKAW: Yes. Yes. Right. Yes.

It totally flew over Brokaw’s head, sad. How hard does the guy have to try before the networks realize that Jon Stewart blames the current political climate on the media as much as the politicians? (Thanks Bob)

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