Something in Gas Fouling Fuel Sensors

Apparently there’s some junk in the gas these days that is causing fuel sensors — the one that tells you how much gas you have left — to burn out and become inaccurate. It has also caused a few fuel pumps to die prematurely. The Courier Journal has the whole story in “Hundreds left stranded after fuel-gauge failures”:

In Louisville, AAA received 174 out-of-gas calls from stranded drivers from May 7 through May 13, Boyd said. It typically gets about 60 calls in a week.

Boyd said more than 200 motorists have called the club to tell them about their fuel-sensor problems.

Unfortunately, they are only investigating a single gas station, it may be the link between all of the reports, but I’d put money that there is an additive that is more corrosive to sensors than previous gasolines and it’s more convenient to blame it on a station contamination. To be on the safe side, you should know at what milage to gas up your car instead of waiting for the indicator to come on.

Hundreds left stranded after fuel-gauge failures [Courier Journal]

Stephen VanDyke

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