Slashdot does Politics

Slashdot has added a new subsection of their news site today devoted to politics. From the announcement post:

With the US Presidential Election coming up, we’ve had a lot of story submissions that we would like to post, but they don’t fit very well on the Slashdot main page. To address this, we’ll be running special political coverage between now and the election in our new Politics subsection of Slashdot.

Should be interesting to see if one of the largest sites on the Internet will become a beacon or yet another regugitator. Either way, I have another link to add to the blogroll and my RSS feed list.

» Slashdot Goes Political: Announcing [/.]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I actually suggested the campaign do that quite a while ago, and it was met with the tepid reply that they were turned down. I’m sure an email to the /. editors and Stephen Gordon (Badnarik Communication director) could yield an interesting pairing now that there is a large politics site looking for exclusives.