Signal Orange: More Harm Than Good

Signal Orange - PrewittAn interesting idea from a website called Signal Orange. Their idea is to create a bunch of t-shirts with the names of those killed in Iraq and where they were killed (ie- Cpl Evan Ashcraft can’t vote):

Signal Orange doesn?Äôt say that these soldiers or their families condemn or support the war, and it doesn?Äôt speak for them. Whether they opposed or supported the war, they were fighting for our right to decide democratically whether a war is just or not. They?Äôve been buried twice–once in the ground, and once in the media. If we can make them visible in the media through Signal Orange, we can demonstrate that they had voices that have been lost.

While their reasoning is commendable, that needs to be on the shirt as well. Because honestly, people are going to give the shirt a glance and find it extremely crass and offensive. I think this is a protest that is better served by a mass demonstration instead of something that is very likely going to cause the wearer to get a beatdown if they run across a couple of Marines.

Signal Orange [via Metafilter]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Finally! I’ve seen nothing but praise for this, and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this is going to really backfire.