Shut up About Clinton Already!

Drudge ReportGive me a break with the Clinton book coverage already. We know! He wrote a book! And the right-wingers are already scrambling onto the OMG-no-one-is-buying-the-book bandwagon. Here’s a snapshot of Drudge Report right now… 22 goddamn links to cities that are non-plussed or ecstatic about the book sales. But the créme du la créme has to be when they interview Jeb Bush. I mean, it’s obvious to any political news junky that he’s not going to read any book about Clinton. I mean, BIG FUCKING SURPRISE! No? The best part of the interview has to be where he talks about his short attention span, “I briefly read a great novel about the Alamo after watching the movie.” (emphasis added). Because you know, books are like, long and shit.

Frankly, no one cares… which means no one cares about the kajillion stories that the press is trying to fob off on us about nobody caring. Get over it already.

Props to Angry Finger for letting me know about the Jeb story via AIM.

Florida governor doesn’t plan to read Clinton’s autobiography [Naples Daily News]

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