Shocking Details on Abuse of Reuters Staffers in Iraq

Editor and Publisher has an extremely in-depth view of what happened to the three Reuters staffers who were imprisoned at Abu Ghraib:

“Soldiers would move between them, whispering things in their ear. Ahmad and Sattar did not understand what was whispered. Salem says they whispered that they wanted to have sex with him and were saying “come on, just for two minutes.”T hey also said he should bring his wife so they could have sex with her. …

“Soldiers would whisper in their ears “One, two, three…” and then shout something loudly right beside their ear. All of this went on all night. … Ahmad said he collapsed by morning. Sattar said he collapsed after Ahmad and began vomiting. …

One item that intrigued me is the “badges with the letter ‘C’ on it”:

“Ahmad and Sattar both said that they were given badges with the letter ‘C’ on it. They did not know what the badges meant but whenever they were being taken from one place to another in the base, if any soldier saw their badge they would stop to slap them or hurl abuse.

They had no evidence on which to detain the men, yet somehow they were given these badges. I did run across a military term that might apply, but it’s pure speculation. If anyone has any info on this one, let me know:

(DOD) A deliberate & calculated association with person[s] for the purpose of recruitment, obtaining info, or gaining control for these or other purposes [emphasis added]

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