Say Hello to the New Plan: Same as the Old Plan

I wanted to do a complete rundown on the speech given tonight, but I’m going to be snobby like the networks and snub it. You may have seen it, but chances are, you probably missed it because the network media (CBS, NBC, ABC) snubbed the speech in favor of sweeps week. I don’t blame them; Why play a broken record that everyone knows is spinning the Republican rah-rah tune when network advertisers are trying to hawk their wares during breaks of Fear Factor?

First, Bush was wearing enough make-up on his chin and nose to make Zha-Zha cringe, yet they totally left a large spot untouched above his eyebrow. Is someone trying to tell us something? Like maybe he injured himself between make-up and walking on the stage? Couple this with the strange hypno-tie from Bush’s previous press conference, and you have to wonder if there’s not a concerted effort to make people focus on him instead of the speech.

Bush Magic Healing

Second item on the strange sightings list was that the press release with the text of the speech originally said “Arm You War College”, instead of “Army War College”. I’m sure it’s just a freudian typo, the kind you slip in when you’re talking about places like Iraq. Hey first we “arm you” then we “disarm you” (and then arm you again in the name of democracy), but you have to go to the “Arm You War College” to know these things.

Arm You War College

By the way, did you notice that former Secretary of State James Baker (currently with Carlyle Group) is working the loan deals and getting old loans forgiven while working the new ones? Anyone wanna guess who holds the deed to future Iraq revenues? (hint: it’s not the American people or the Iraqi people).

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  1. I saw that too, it was totally weird. I think maybe there was a space in arm y and a spell checker changed it to arm you.