Richard Perle: Sy Hersh Will be Sorry… Eventually

This is extremely amusing. Jack Shafer has posted a rather scathing piece where he tracks Perle’s promise to sue Sy Hersh for libel in an English court over Hersh’s investigative profile, then the subsequent chickening out (March 12, 2004) and promise to try his case in the court of public opinion — through a release 80 to 90 pages of transcripts that would “make it absolutely clear that his reporting in his article is false,” Slate has the scoop in “The Perle-Hersh Transcript Watch”:

As a scholar of journalism and a distinguished fellow in Perlean studies, I would very much like to see those transcripts. Christ knows I could squeeze another Perle column of them. So where are they? It can’t possibly take three months to rent some server space and upload 90 pages of text to a Web site.

Maybe Perle’s stumbling block is technological. If that’s the case, Perle can messenger or e-mail the transcripts to me, and I’ll get them posted on the Web overnight. I’ll even send the URL for the transcript pages to David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, so he can weigh whether a correction is in order.

This is a great article to spread around. Perle is being a weasel and hoping that this fades from memory, but it won’t.

The Perle-Hersh Transcript Watch [Slate]

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