Reuters Stands by Abused Staffers

Editor & Publisher has an update on the story of the three Reuters staffers who were held at Abu Ghraib, including a detailed timeline of their imprisonment. Reuters is not backing down and indeed seems to be ratcheting it up a notch since the Army dismissed the staffers as “not credible”.

Not surpisingly, the Washington Times is trying to dismiss the abuse scandal entirely — going so far as to say that “the story has run its course” — by attacking the never-made claim that they were “journalists”. Instead, it noted that they are “two Iraqi cameramen and a driver under contract”.

It’s absolutely true, but does it make it right to abuse them and then sweep it under the rug?

What’s truly humorous about the WashTimes piece is that it tries to deflect the entire event as bias. Hey, look over here where they are throwing flowers at us. Look how nice our troops are to the Iraqis when they aren’t being ordered to put glow-sticks up thier ass!

Reuters Stands by Iraq Abuse Reports, Releases Timeline on Incident [Editor & Publisher]
Press can’t let abuse story go [Washington Times]

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