Reuters Staff Abuse: Swept Under Rug!

Wow, the Army must have some gigantic brass balls to be able to blanket deny that three Reuters staff members were abused at Abu Ghraib. On the claims of “being continuously hit”, having “a shoe stuck in their mouth” and being forced to “stick a finger in their anus and then lick it or smell it”, the response is just staggering in it’s dismissal: “Their allegations on these points are not credible.”

Not credible?!? What the hell are they smoking in this investigation? Did they miss the part where our troops are taking pictures of prisoners who are forced to masturbate and perform fellatio?

No, instead of admitting there’s a problem, apparently the best solution is to completely deny that there’s a problem. But oh, let’s send those same “paratroopers accused of beating, taunting and humiliating journalists” off to a refresher course where they will learn that you are not supposed to make a prisoner stick his finger up his ass and lick it!

Seriously, who is passing out the giant brass balls award this year? Because I think we have some nominees.

U.S.: Troops cleared of abusing reporters [The State]

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