Rare Badnarik Memorabilia on eBay

Badnarik arrest on eBayRemember when Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party) and David Cobb (Green Party) were arrested in St. Louis while trying to serve the CPD (Commission on Presidential Debates)? Unless you were getting your news from the few select news sources that covered it, chances are you had no idea it happened.

Well, there’s an auction on eBay now with a whole bunch of stuff, including autographed photos from the arrest, and the original police bracelet. Also included are some rare pre-nomination campaign buttons, a rare pre-nomination bumper sticker and a signed copy of Badnarik’s manuscript for his acclaimed book “Good to be King.”

I first approached Michael and Jon Airheart (his personal assistant) in Austin last month and asked them if they still had the bracelet. They answer was yes, and I quickly told them they should sell it on eBay. I was pretty ripped at the time and it was prior to my lambasting of LP Communications Director, George Getz (that’s a whole other story). Anyways, Jon was very interested and we made plans to get an auction going. I think Mike thought eBay was some shoppy thing in San Francisco (he’s learning, but behind the curve on a lot of Internet stuff).

Well, after about a month of Jon working on everything (plus collecting a lot of other stuff that is really impressive), it’s on eBay. I’m getting a small percentage of the final auction price for doing the Internet promotion for this, but I think this is an incredibly huge deal in and of itself, and I just like being part of stuff like this.

UPDATE: After some searching, I found out that Badnarik and Cobb don’t have the title of being the first presidential candidates arrested while campaigning. That honor belongs to Communist William Z. Foster, who was arrested in Los Angeles in 1932 on suspicion of criminal syndicalism. They back story on Foster is very interesting and though he’s a devout communist, this startling paragraph (from 1932) seemed eerily familiar in contrast with our current political climate:

Socialism, he intimated, has been captured bodily by industrial leaders, now advancing theories half-socialist, half-fascist. Democracy is being attacked from without by communism, while its own leaders bore from within, seeking to undermine its walls and capture the citadel in the name of fascism.

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