Random Gesticulations: Press Conference Lush

Brian Flemming points out a screenshot—from a Google News search on the Bush press conference—that asks “Was He Drunk?”. Obviously he hasn’t heard that all the cool Republicans are into the pill scene. [via Wonkette]

Sources tell me that Bill O’Reilly watched the press conference, and showed special interest in the hypno-tie Bush was wearing. He may or may not have said “woah maaaaan” during the viewing.

It looks like the press conference may have been part of a larger strategy of the Bush administration.

UPDATE: deconstructor took some of the bite off the google search for: bullshittosatisfypeople. How long until more people (like me, now) are showing up in that search (which I will, since I now used the term, and it will be indexed). How long until someone in the big media picks this up as an op-ed piece?
Google Discovers Secret White House Motto? [deconstructor]

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