Possible Secession: The People’s Republic of California

CaliforniaSecession, that’s the crux of this humorous account of a phone call between friends. One is a typical California dude, the other is a paralegal in Boston. Full story — The California Revolution Begins — at Lew Rockwell:

“I need you to write a Ballot proposition for the next election to have California secede from America. I need someone who can write it up so it’s legal. What do you know about writing those ballot initiatives?”


“Right. Listen, you don’t need a lawyer. What you need is a guerrilla commander, like a dude who can, you know, defeat federal armies and overthrow regimes. Stuff like that. My point is, they didn’t have that class at Hastings. You need like a Fidel and a Che. Guys like that.”

“It’s not gonna be like that. Listen to me, it’s all about non-violence, like Gandhi. You know about Gandhi right?

“I’ve heard of him, yeah. Look the feds will start arresting people for trea–”

“Dude, everyone wants this. If we all resist at once, they can’t do anything. Boom, Schwarzenegger’s president of the Republic of California. I’ve been talking to people all week, and that’s what everyone wants.”


“Sweet dude. We have to get it on there for the next election. Oh yeah, it’s all set up. I got the gig with the kayak company in Chile; four months; flying out, end of next week. The Chileans got some tasty whitewater in the Andes, it’s gonna be sweet. As soon as I get back though, we’ve got to get on this.”

You heard it here first. The Californian Revolution begins . . . after this year’s Chilean whitewater kayak season.

It will be funny to see how this pans out (or it could be a wry joke by the author).

Stephen VanDyke

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