Polier Article Correction: Yeah, I Make Mistakes

It’s been brought to my attention that during my interview with Bob Kolker, I was apparently made aware that Alexandra Polier was actually writing the article and was involved. I sincerely don’t remember this, but I just want to go ahead and apologize for that. I do remember a woman named Alex calling to fact-check the Friday before the story ran, and I sort of put it together from there. She didn’t tell me her last name and I figured she was the New York Magazine fact-checker. Yeah, I’m pretty stupid, huh? This is what was wrong:

I must say, I was duped: I was interviewed by Bob Kolker, yet she is the one writing the article.

I am also going to post an additional update to the original post so that no one gets the wrong impression. After all, it would be a bad sign if the Hammer of Truth wouldn’t admit when he’s wrong.

I got called to task on this (during another interview, ye gads), and I’m not afraid to say I made an honest mistake (I also apologized for it in that interview). I guess I should lobby to get this stem-cell research looked into, because this Alzheimer’s might just be contagious (or maybe it’s just the Republican plague, who knows?).

Oh, and if anyone hasn’t heard yet, Alexandra Polier never had sex with John Kerry. Can we kill this fucking story already?

Alexandra Polier: “How I Got Smeared” [Hammer of Truth]

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