Photo Game: Insurgent or Iraqi Police?

UPDATE: Mike nailed it, they are all pictures of Iraqi police (yes, trick question). And Eric had the most thought-provoking comment, writing “Iraqi ‘police’ ARE insurgents,” which was kinda my thought as well when I originally ran across the photos. Actually, my first thought was if I can’t tell who them apart, how do the people living there? They must live in constant fear of both sides. Personally, I’d shoot anything in a black mask weilding a gun if I were an Iraqi.

Here’s a fun little game for everyone, I provide 6 pictures from Iraq without captions and you say whether they (the men in masks) are insurgents or Iraqi police. Put your answers in the comments (I’ve numbered them so it’s easier).

Some are easy (like the first one), the others are harder. Now on with the pictures:

Insurgent or Iraqi Police?

Insurgent or Iraqi Police?

Insurgent or Iraqi Police?

Insurgent or Iraqi Police?

Insurgent or Iraqi Police?

Insurgent or Iraqi Police?

I will post the answers Wednesday evening.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. one threaded pipe, two endcaps, powder, fuse down with the united states… and i live here so watch the fuck out

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  2. 1.Police/ military officer
    3.think its a guy trying to look good. or undercover cop
    6.High athority personal. Two ppl atending him

  3. definition of insurgent

    1.Rising in revolt against established authority, especially a government.

    2.Rebelling against the leadership of a political party.

  4. our nice ploice taking these fuckers just like the dogs . we will kill all the terrorest .
    god bless iraq
    god bless usa

  5. So the Iraqi police are to be criticized because they are poor? Do you have any clue how much it costs to uniform an entire police force… or any large group for that matter? If I were living in a war zone, I would be more concerened with my safety than wearing a strached shirt with a bullseye on it.

  6. The only difference between an insurgent and a police officer is the ideology for which they fight. These are ideologies that permeate all societies. According to our logic, there is a lot of killing that needs to be done. So ya better get to work.