Payroll Funds is Just Another Way of Saying “Free Money”

military truckIt’s totally awesome that the Pentagon is able to use funds from the payroll funds as their personal expense accounts. From Defense Tech comes the story GIs’ Paychecks Fund Truck Armor:

Now, the accountants could have taken money from hulking, multi-billion dollar items, like the F-22 fighter or the creaky missile defense program. But no. Instead, the cash — along with about a billion dollars in other funds — was taken from the Army’s payroll. From the accounts to pay soldiers in the field.

With that money gone, there’s now only enough cash left in the register to keep paying soldiers until May [2005] or so. If a “supplemental” budget bill — rumored to be $75 billion or more — isn’t passed by then, there will be no paychecks for G.I.s.

Of course, Congress won’t dare let that happen, because that would would be like “hating the troops” or something — the antithesis of supporting them. Ha.

This is an awesome accounting trick to make sure the Pentagon can run whatever little project it wants. Hey, Congress didn’t vote for your project to turn monkeys into LSD-enhanced cyborg warriors? Use the money from the payroll account. Can’t afford to send your staff to Key West for uh… winter defense analysis? Bing, the payroll account can do in a pinch. Hell, we should just make the payroll account a giant slush fund and hand generals a checkbook at the Pantagon entrance. What could go wrong?

Stephen VanDyke

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