Operation Plymouth Rock: Landed on Iraq

Operation Plymouth RockOr . . . “How to spread the goodwill message of Thanksgiving to Iraq.” But what better way to celebrate the kindness of the American indian towards the pilgrims than to reenact their subsequent slaughter and theft of land, but with Abrams tanks and Apache helicopters. I’m fucking psyched. As the prophet Muhammad Malcolm X had fortold: “I didn’t land on Plymouth Rock . . . Operation Plymouth Rock landed on Musayyib.”

Just so you know, this ridiculous military code name is completely true. From Reuters — More ‘Surgical’ U.S. Raids Go on South of Baghdad:

Operation Plymouth Rock, named in reference to Thursday’s U.S. Thanksgiving celebration of the first British settlers, involves 5,000 U.S. troops, Iraqi police commandos and several hundred British soldiers from the Black Watch regiment.

To keep the cranberry and drumstick references flowing, here’s a more in-depth article from none other than (gobble gobble) Turkey’s newspaper, Kavkaz Center — Clashes continue:

Targeting an area dubbed as one of the ?Äúno-go?Äù zones in Iraq and ?Äúdeath triangle?Äù for US-led occupation troops, the US-led offensive ?ÄúOperation Plymouth Rock?Äù, is targeting cities of Latifiyah, Mahmudiyah, Yusufiyah, Iskandariyah, Haswah and Musayyib, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. You are certainly right on this !! Other than (gobble gobble) syndrome for Thanksgiving, the US gov is actually trying to gobble gobble other peoples land !! When will the US learn that they can never break the back of the people who never did have a back ??? Its very lame to say that this is all in the name of “freedom” -for whom ?? The Americans have a tough challenge in continuing this battle to the end. You can never fight the Arabs on thier own turf ..or in fact anywhere.. take a look at ‘nam, Korea, South America’s.. you name it and wherever the Americans have planted their feet in the name of peace, has turned into an area of high intensity conflicts.

    So stupid !! Foregin Policy needs to be changed !!