Offtopic: Mad Props and Other Stuff

Check out Binary Bonsai if you haven’t already:

Binary Bonsai

Michael Heilemann’s latest redesign is pure elegance, as always. I’ve been inspired by many of his designs, and the Kubrick template is certainly worth checking out. Mostly, it’s cool to see a designer do some really cool shit with WordPress and push it to the limits. Once WP 1.3 is final, I’m going to be upgrading and redesigning this site, and you can bet I’ll be using a whole lotta Kubrick in there somehow. But that’s a few months down the road.

Anyways, his redesign rocks. From the Hammer of Truth, we raise a glass to Binary Bonsai.

As an offtopic aside, I want to let everyone know I’ll be on a road trip until Thursday night. My dad has something seriously screwed up with his back and has to go back to Colorado imminently because the Veteran’s Administration here in Atlanta won’t do squat except give him pain killers (they aren’t working). Because he drove his RV from out there and can’t drive now because of the pain he’s in, I’m taking him back (he’s in good hands once he gets there). Funny enough, I get to find out if I’m on any TSA [no-fly] lists and look forward to the grueling strip-search I’m sure I’ll get since I’ll be flying back out one-way with carry-on only.

I’ll post if I can (pictures too, who knows) since he’s learning the way of the techie and has country-wide wireless Internet. Mostly I’ll be trying to keep up with work in the few hours we’re stopped and will be hoping to hell that we don’t get nailed with bad weather (snow = no driving).

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