NYT’s Nicholas Kristof: Truth Smackdown!

From the annals for humorous rebuttals comes this shining example of deft witticism. The Poor Man waylays New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof over his recent article upbraiding of anyone who would dare call the president a liar. From Kristof’s original article, Calling Bush a Liar:

I’m against the “liar” label for two reasons. First, it further polarizes the political cesspool, and this polarization is making America increasingly difficult to govern. Second, insults and rage impede understanding.


In fact, of course, Mr. Bush did stretch the truth. The run-up to Iraq was all about exaggerations, but not flat-out lies. Indeed, there’s some evidence that Mr. Bush carefully avoids the most blatant lies – witness his meticulous descriptions of the periods in which he did not use illegal drugs.

To me that sounds like a statement Limbaugh would have shredded liberal apologists over if they had made it, so let’s see how The Poor Man administers the beatdown in He’s Not A Liar, He’s My President!:

See? The President doesn’t lie, he only exaggerates, maybe stretches the truth on occassion, possibly says things in such a way as to deliberately leave the listener with the wrong impression. Indeed, there’s some evidence that Mr. Bush carefully avoids the most blatant lies – and if maybe perhaps carefully avoiding the most blatant lies isn’t an adequate standard of truthfulness to hold the President to, well, I just don’t know what this country is coming to.

There’s the usual litany – Michael Moore is a uncritical conspiracy theorist (true), ergo the President is truthful (false); calling the President a liar is like accusing Bill Clinton of murder; Bush always says the wrong thing, so maybe everything was just a big misunderstanding; liberals are turning into what they hate the most; etc. Largely unexplored, however, is the issue of whether or not Bush is a liar.

You should definitely read the whole thing. The Editors have had me laughing since I originally stumbled across their site from the Cheney Poker game. Bravo, gentlemen!

Calling Bush a Liar [NYT]
He’s Not A Liar, He’s My President! [The Poor Man]

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