New Yorker Humor: Cheney and Leahy Freestyle Rap

New YorkerThis is a funny little piece from this week’s issue of The New Yorker entitled New Details Surface regarding the foul-mouthed vice-president and Senator Leahy going all old-skool up in the Senate:

?ÄúOh, it?Äôs like that??Äù Mr. Cheney queried.

?ÄúWhut? Whut??Äù Mr. Leahy shot back.

?ÄúOnce again,?Äù Mr. Cheney replied (quite obviously quoting a lyric from Ice Cube?Äôs 1990 album, ?ÄúAmeriKKKa?Äôs Most Wanted?Äù), ?Äúit?Äôs on.?Äù

As a quick-thinking senatorial aide switched on the Senate?Äôs public-address system and cued up the infamous ?ÄúSeven Minutes of Funk?Äù break, Mr. Leahy and Mr. Cheney went head-to-head in what can only be described as a ?Äútake no prisoners?Äù freestyle rap battle.

Most of the rhymes kicked therein cannot be quoted in a family publication, but observers gave Mr. Cheney credit for his deceptively laid-back flow. Mr. Leahy was applauded for managing to rhyme the phrases ?Äúunethical for certain,?Äù ?Äúcrude oil spurtin?Äô,?Äù and ?Äúlike Halliburton.?Äù

New Details Surface [The New Yorker]

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