New RSS/Atom Feeds Location Starting July 5th

Starting July 5th, those of you who view the site via syndication will need to update the url of your feeds, because the other locations are going away. I am switching to a service called FeedBurner, which allows me to have stats on the feeds. I always saw syndication as a statistical black hole for websites to know what is being read, this will allow me to keep better track of you guys think is interesting.

Let me reiterate: there should be no difference between what is currently available and the new location aside from the url change. I have been testing this service for the past week and things seem stable enough to use it for my own site. It’s a pretty cool service too for anyone who wants to check it out.

Anyways, it was a tough decision to make: Should I keep both feed locations? Switch to FeedBurner and risk pissing people off by making them update their newsreaders? Or, just say f__k it, and keep things they way they are? You know what my choice is. I am hoping that they will also introduce some form of advertising buglet into it. I know it’s being an ass, but I’m seriously trying to grow this site out of hobby and into a legitimate news/opinion source and the only way to do that is for this to be profitable. I’m a capitalist and I’m not afraid to say it.

After the 5th, the old feeds will be cut off, your newsreader will give you errors and things will generally be bad if you haven’t changed your settings. You’ve been warned.

Here’s a list of urls so that you can update your newsreader of choice directly instead of having to visit the site. Because if you’re like me, you barely visit sites anymore unless their feeds are chopped off:

UPDATE: I guess I should have waited to post this… FeedBurner has a way to send out just one feed, so adjust your urls to just THIS feed.

FeedBurner SmartFeed (one location of all feeds, it will detect your newsreader and send you correct data) I am keeping the url local so that readers that detect a favicon will still do it properly. !!!

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