Nader Straggling; Not on AZ Ballot

Ralph NaderRalph Nader is becoming the increasingly side-lined as it becomes clear that a curmudgeonly campaign as the viable alternative is failing to get any traction. In the latest round, Nader was unable to get on the Arizona ballot as an Independent candidate. More from Political Wire in Nader Will Not Be On Arizona Ballot:

“At the outset of a hearing this morning on a challenge to the nominating petitions for Ralph Nader to be on the ballot, Nader’s counsel stipulated to the withdrawal of his nominating petitions, noting that after the review of the petitions by the county recorders, the Nader campaign had concluded that they would likely not prevail in the challenge. As a result, Nader will not be on the Arizona ballot.”

Nader is just gasping for air at this point and should just back off while his reputation is not in complete shambles. The only viable alternative to the two-party system on the ballot will be the Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik — who is well on his way to securing all 50 states. And yeah, I’m starting a google bomb with viable alternative.

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  1. Nader Will Not Be On Arizona Ballot
    Political Wire reports Ralph nader will not be on the ballot in Arizona. Very good news for Kerry, because he has a fair shot at actually winning this shot, though he is 7-10% behind Bush there.