MP3: Badnarik on the Michael Medved Show for 07/19

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Thanks to everyone for being patient with this, I had to rip the stream at a painful 3KBps convert it to .wav, slice, dice and remove the commercials (but not the station call signs). What we have is the segment of the interview with Michael Badnarik.

My impression is that Medved is a complete ass on the same lines of O’Reilly, Franken, Limbaugh and Moore. Yes, I can lump them all together with ease because it’s the irrational men like this who love to hear their own voice and have no ability to debate unless they have their finger on the cut-off button. If anyone wants to know why this country is so polarized with liberals hating conservatives and vice versa, this is the root of America’s problems: narcissistic, talking-head polemics. Selah.

2004-07-19 Michael Medved with guest Michael Badnarik (23.9MB MP3)

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Michael Badnarik On Michael Medved Radio Today [Badnarik Blog]

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