vs Fox News: Retards Fighting is Funny

Just by using that title, we’re risking a legion of hate-mails from the ADA, because even the mentally handicapped know they’ve been offended when compared to these two groups of intellectual inbreds.

What’s the deal behind it? Well, claims that it’s not fair that Fox is getting all the hot blondes while liberals are stuck with Judi Woodruff or Paula Zhan. After all, how “fair and balanced” can it be when they have more botox and slicone puffed lips than a bathroom episode of This Old House. No wait, we got that wrong, it looks like the lawsuit with the FTC is based on MoveOn.orgs’s assertion that Fox News is using the trademark “fair and balanced” in violation of deceptive advertising laws.

Doonesbury Fox News

This breaks new ground in the debate of political commentary. Is it right for the right-wing to have their own network? Should there be disclaimers on all news that warns that the opinions may not agree with your world-view and could subsequentially lead you to cry in the corner like a little girl? Should be challenged by the FTC for their deceptive advertising in their slogan — “democracy in action?” If they want to open this can of worms, they better be willing to put them all back in, or suffer the uh, wormaggedon. Or whatever.

But instead of getting in the middle of this fight, which we see as beneficial to no one and entertaining for all, we’ll leave the “serious” commentary to those with more smarts than us (which is not hard to find), like Pennywit, who calls it a Pointless Call to Action.

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