More on the Political Flogging of the Tsunami

With one hand in the cookie jar of sympathy and the other firmly stroking his enormous… ego, WizbangBlog dives to new depths in the political discourse: comparing blog coverage frequency on the tsunami of righty and lefty blogs and using it as a metric for compassion. Just when it seemed the blogosphere could collectively look upon the swinging dick contest of altruism — the tit for tat millions donated by western governments — in disgust and contempt, this moron has to fuck it all up and post this drivel (the left/right comments are a lesson in partisan trash-talk as well):

Still I have to wonder… We are continually told how much more liberals care about their fellow man than conservatives, yet 60,000 people are presumed dead and many of the liberals hardly mention it…

The numbers don’t seem to tell the same story.

No shit. Of course, it could be argued the right is flogging the news of death and destruction in order to drive traffic to their sites. I myself have witnessed a quadrupling of traffic since I posted links to videos and images and felt the need to focus more towards the overt politicizing that is taking place by both sides and point out how macabre and just plain wrong it is. Then again, I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative, so my priority is not to damn the opposition at every opportunity.

I guess Wizbang’s post can best be summed up by this observation over at Frozen Tundra Blog:

Wizbang says the tsunami is being covered by the blogosphere with partisan bias; the only bias is the one Wizbang just created out of nothing by taking some completely random statistics with no context and perverting them to fit its disgusting hacktastic agenda. To put it as kindly and accurately as I can, it is a POS, and at the time of its writing the author was only the slightest hair above the aforementioned clinically retarded.

What some people don’t seem to understand is that quantity does not equal quality, that repeating things over and over does not make them so.

I really dig QandO’s closing commentary after delving through the whole exchange between the left and right:

All of that to say: it’s unbecoming for WizbangBlog to play on anecdotal data to make partisan points. But it’s equally unbecoming for the Left to turn similar anecdotal data into partisan sniping.

Both might be well-served to step back to the larger picture, instead of nitpicking the minutiae.

And that brings the blatant politicizing score to left-wing: -983491, right-wing: -983492

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