More Enron Tapes: Corruption is Mere Marketing

Enron tapesThe saga of the Enron tapes continues to unfold in the latest installment of taped employees. In it, they contemplate just how awesome they are at swindling California out of billions of dollars and creating false crisises with which they manipulated prices and energy availability. CBS News reports in “More Enron Tapes, More Gloating”:

“They’re on the ropes today,” says another employee. “I exported like a f——g 400 megs.”

“Wow,” says another employee, “f–k ’em, right!”


“It’s called lies. It’s all how well you can weave these lies together, Shari, alright, so,” an employee is heard saying.

The other employee says, “I feel like I’m being corrupted now.”

The first employee adds, “No, this is marketing,”


More Enron Tapes, More Gloating [CBS News]

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