Military Calling up Inactive Reserves

First of all, we have to examine just exactly what the Invidividual Ready Reserve is: these are people who have already served their voluntary term of service and are for all intents and purposes, civilians. Now, they’re not asking for volunteers to come back and serve more than they already have, they’re telling them that they are required to come back and keep serving their country.

From one anyonymous military official (funny how they become anonymous when the news sucks): “Sometimes there’s a misperception by some of the individuals … that ‘I’ve done my obligation, I’ve been in the Army, thank you very much, and I’m done’. But you’re not done.” Which led me to think that perhaps Lumberg of Office Space was now running an office out of the Pentagon:

Office Space Military

Feel that draft getting closer? Just a hop and a skip my friends. Full Associated Press story in Army Plans Involuntary Call-Up of Thousands.

Army Plans Involuntary Call-Up of Thousands [AP]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Military personnel knew what they signed up for and knew they had four years inactive where they could be called back. Quit bitching and earn your pay.

  2. No most of us US military personnel were told that the inactive reserves were only tapped into for world wars etc, so therefore we were pretty much told that it doesnt mean shit, when NOW that we got hitler in the white house that is does mean something and it is actually used, i would had never signed up if i would have known the inactive reserves was legit! And we military personnel have earned the right to bitch, you wouldnt be alive if it wasnt for us.

  3. this is just yet another time that your trusty army recruiter lied. but this time it really mattered to some folks like myself.