Memo Shows Hypocrisy on International Law

Newsweek has obtained a memo — this time from the Justice Department — which explicity outlines that international doesn’t apply to the U.S. because it’s not applicable under federal law. A rather circuitous way of avoiding the rule international law is exposed in the article “Double Standards?”:

Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, who has examined the memo, described it as a “maliciously ideological or deceptive” document that simply ignored U.S. obligations under multiple international agreements. “You can’t pick or choose what laws you’re going to follow,” said Roth. “These political lawyers set the nation on a course that permitted the abusive interrogation techniques” that have been recently disclosed.

This is the kind of stuff that led to Abu Ghraib, they set one standard for the U.S. based on federal laws, and expect the rest of the world to follow international law; Namely, the Geneva Conventions. Remember when the soldiers at the beginning of the war were taken prisoner and put on TV? No one cited U.S. federal law at that time as a basis for humane treatment, it was all about Geneva Conventions being violated.

Double Standards? [Newsweek]

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