Limbaugh’s Doctored Kerry Photo: Only Grossly Misleading

Kerry/Edwards original photoRush Limbaugh posted a photoshopped image of John Edwards waving, with his hand directly in front of John Kerry’s face as he waved. This brings up a huge ethics question on photo manipulation in news reporting (though I’d hardly count Limbaugh as a news source), and whether this kind of thing, even in editorials may be stretching the truth for the sake of changing the story:

Rush's doctored photo

Now, I’m an advocate of using humor to hammer on politicians, but there’s a giant blackened and scorched line between creating humor, and misleading on facts, and this is one of the areas where it’s clear the gag is not for humor but to alter in order to politically slander.

John Kerry and John Edwards shown together in April [CP PICTURE ARCHIVE/AP]
Limbaugh doctors Kerry/Edwards photo [Headwaters Forums] [via MetaFilter]

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