Libertarians Nip at Bush’s Heels

CBS is running the article “Bush’s Third-Party Threat”. It contends that the Libertarian party — whose forefront candidates include Gary Nolan and Aaron Russo — are poised to take a large base of votes from Bush in November:

Libertarians will be on at least 49 state ballots, several more than the most optimistic expectations of Nader. While Democrats rally around their nominee, the base of the Republican Party is showing some signs of fragmentation.

“I think [the Bush campaign] should be concerned. I don’t know how concerned,” said Don Devine, vice chairman of the American Conservative Union and a longtime GOP insider. “They need to work on it and I think they know they need to work on it.”

The funny thing about the article is that both Russo and Nolan are linking to this. Since so little press is geared towards Libertarian candidates, they form loose alliances before the primaries (this weekend in Atlanta).

Bush’s Third-Party Threat [CBS]

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