Libertarians get Fiery for RNC Protest

New York City has refused to issue a single demonstration permit during the time that the Republican National Convention is holding it’s gala in the big apple, and that’s got some protestors rankled. Reuters reports in NY Convention Protesters Say Rights Threatened:

Republicans were set to gather at Madison Square Garden from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 and nominate President Bush to run for re-election in November. Tuesday was the deadline for applying for protest permits.

Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said protesters had failed to engage in serious talks about making arrangements with officials.

Browne said police were concerned “that al Qaeda may want to use a large political event as a target as they did in Madrid … as a way of infiltrating a political climate and the outcome of the election.”

So now al Qaida is asking for permits whenever they decide to commit acts of terrorism? Excuse me while I laugh.

But that ignorant attitude’s not stopping libertarians from holding protests in violation of the city’s strict view. NYC’s Indymedia has the story in No Permission Required: Libertarians Announce “Unauthorized” RNC Protest:

“If you ask the government for permission to protest it, you deserve to be told no,” said Manhattan Libertarian Party chair Jim Lesczynski, referring to the city’s denial of United for Peace and Justice’s request for a permit for a massive protest on the Great Lawn on August 29th.

“Organizers will not be available to negotiate with the NYPD, because we don’t have any organizers,” said Lesczynski. “Absolutely nobody is in charge. Libertarians are individuals, not a collective.”

Frankly, that’s one of the best retorts I have heard, and he’s absolutely right. On the other hand, I think protests are pointless in effecting change these days.

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No Permission Required: Libertarians Announce “Unauthorized” RNC Protest [NYC Indymedia]

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