Laura “Smylex” Bush

Wonkette’s stand-in, BoiFromTroi, had this lovely image up yesterday with the the lead “We’re spotting an emerging trend today: FLOTUS Laura Bush and Jack Nicholson, Separated at Birth?”

Laura Bush/Joker - Wonkette

Wonkette wasn’t the first to point out the Laura Bush as Joker similarity. In fact, our associate William Blaze over at American Dynamics posted this great little number last month:

Laura Bush/Joker - American Dynamics

Well, we figure if Teresa Heinz Kerry has been declared open game, the same must go for Laura Bush. Andy while some may paint this as petty superficial mockery, we have much higher standards than to simply make fun of a hyper-extended maw. No, we are doing our duty to perform a service for the public, by exposing Laura Bush as a die-hard Lakers fan. After all, everyone knows the Lakers suck.

Laura Bush/Joker - Hammer of Truth

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