Kerry’s Plan for a Stronger Executive Branch

KerryHere’s Kerry’s plan for balancing the budget:

“We can do this,” Kerry said in remarks prepared for delivery on Tuesday. “We can return to the days where we balanced the budget, grew our economy and spent your money responsibly. We can balance our federal budget so you can grow yours.”

Kerry promises to pay for all new government programs and cut the federal deficit in half in four years. To do that, he wants the power to veto individual spending decisions made by Congress and enforce budget caps with automatic spending cuts. [emphasis added]

That’s right, he wants to use the line-item veto, which was already declared unconstitutional years ago. And he wants to do the job of Congress (passing budgets) in addition to his own. Someone tell him the executive branch doesn’t need to put it’s fingers in any more pies.

» Kerry Denounces Special Corporate Favors [AP/Yahoo!] [via Heretical Ideas]

Stephen VanDyke

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