Kerry/Bush Sing “Our Land”

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I wanted to pass along this downright hilarious flash animation that I found via a comment on the Badnarik blog. From the humor surgeons at JibJab comes the musical adventure — starring John Kerry and George Bush swapping one-liners — “This Land“:

Bush/Kerry sing 'Our Land'

Parody is always the best way to take on politics when the tactic of pushing issues fails.

Our Land [JibJab]

  1. My network administrator has blocked jibjab’s site. anyone know of another server hosting this, or can you email it to me. My co-workers really need a good laugh. Thanks in advance!

  2. JibJab Sued over “This Land” Song
    Just when we thought America was collectively getting it’s shit together, rallying behind a battle hymn of disappointment in the Republican and Democrat nominees for the presidential election, some fucking lawyer has to throw a lawsuit into things to …

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