Kerry not Wary of 2008 Commentary

Looks like Kerry is making some noise about another run for president in 2008. Political Wire has the news with Kerry Hints Again at 2008:

Sen. John Kerry, “who has $45 million left from his record-breaking Democratic campaign, hinted on Tuesday that he may try again for the presidency,” the AP reports.

But, in his first interview since his Nov. 2 defeat, Kerry was asked “about running again in 2008 and reminded the questioner that Ohio is still counting votes from 2004.”

Now, I’m glad to see that Kerry is finally talking about Ohio and it’s possibility of changing the outcome (even if he is speaking guardedly), but there’s a reason losing presidential candidates shouldn’t run for the same office again.

Actually, I’ll give you two reasons: Ross Perot and Ralph Nader.

In 1992 Perot received 19% of the popular vote, which dwindled to 8% when he ran again in 1996. Nader received 2.74% of the popular vote in 2000, but was resoundly shunned in 2004 when he received less than 0.5% and could barely gain enough ballot access to be able to statistically win.

I like to call it the-second-chance-loser syndrome, also known as the-media-will-fucking-kill-your-campaign-in-the-cradle syndrome. It’s effect on politics is usually limited to the national level because a man who loses an election loses a second time when the pundits interpret everything about him in the context of his being a “loser.” Simply put, the second-chance run is hamstrung by the fact that the candidate is already a loser and the media will be sure to prefix everything about you with the phrase “lost in the last election.” So enjoy that Kerry, it’s not your fault that the media will totally jack up any bid you plan on making.

On a personal level, this wouldn’t be a bad thing, since his candidacy would greatly boost interest in third parties as voters began to investigate their alternatives, but it could also be a boon for any opponent, since they could easily regurgitate the same attack ads used this cycle in 2008 and have a head-start on the opposition labelling technique. Oh and does it help that the next four years of Kerry’s voting record would be under intense scrutiny? I’ll go with Bad Ideas for $1000, Alex.

Stephen VanDyke

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