Kerry and Bush: Kill the 527s

If you ever want to know what the real game is in Washington, just watch where both sides converge and agree on any issue, and you’ll know what to actually support (or be against). You can usually take a safe bet and go against whatever the two parties agree on, because when they agree, it’s rarely in the interest of America. What has stemmed from negative ads aimed at Kerry (dubbed the “swiftboat” ads), and the DNC using those as fodder for going after Bush’s military service, the issue has erupted into an all out attack on the last bastion of the people’s voice in politics: 527s.

527s — named after the section in the IRS tax code designed to regulate their non-profit status — are also referred to as PACs or Political Action Committees. These groups, like and the CATO Institute, represent collections of individual donors polling their resources to send lobbyists to their congressmen and raise awareness on issues. The tactics can be heavy-handed and negative, as in the swiftboat ads, but they serve a legitimate purpose in the political process.

Which is why it should come as no suprise that both Bush and Kerry would like to see them gone:

“this kind of unregulated soft money is wrong for the process.” […] “I thought we were gonna once and for all get rid of the system where people could just pour tons of money in and not be held to account for the advertising….I’m disappointed with all those kinds of ads,”

Boo hoo Mr. President, we still have a voice. But don’t think Kerry is so quick to belly up to the free speech buffet. In fact, he has called for the censoring of the Swift Boat Vets’ book and isn’t exactly a friend of dissenting opinion, calling on the publisher to pull the recent book “Unfit for Command.”

Could it be that both the emperor and the emperor enfant are both without clothes? Are the two major political parties finally making the big move to push independent voices out of politics and thus seal their hold?

Time will tell, but this does not bode well for a healthy democracy.

» Bush Denounces 527s, Says Kerry ‘Served Admirably’ [CNS News]

Stephen VanDyke

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