Jon Stewart on Larry King Live


This is an absolute superb interview. Here’s an excerpt from the transcript where King asks Stewart if going into Iraq was a mistake, and it’s not even the best part:

Jon Stewart on Larry King Live

KING: Do you think it was an error to go?

STEWART: Do I think it was an error?

KING: Yes.

STEWART: Well, I established my war cabinet, you know, years ago when we talk about this sort of thing. You know, there have been four justifications that I’ve heard so far for the war and you tell me if I’m wrong about this. There was the weapons of mass destruction. There was the ties to al Qaeda. There was the oppressed his own people. And there was one other in there somewhere. Weapons of mass destruction, ties to al Qaeda, possible nuclear. OK.

KING: Support terrorism.

STEWART: That describes like five countries. So if that is the standard that we’ve set to go into a war, shouldn’t we also be…

KING: North Korea.

STEWART: Iran, Sudan, aren’t they all doing the exact same thing and have maybe closer ties to al Qaeda, even?

KING: How do you know they’re not next?

STEWART: What have you heard?

KING: We’ll be right back. We’ll take your calls later for Jon Stewart.

STEWART: Am I being drafted?

KING: Get home, there’s a letter for you with no stamp.

STEWART: Oh, boy.

The entire interview is great and Stewart dominates the whole show with his clever humor.

I have the full video of the interview, but it’s really large (113MB). If anyone has bittorrent knowledge (UPDATE: I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, the next person who tells me how Bittorrent works gets a thumb in the eye. kthx!), or can host this, drop me an email and you’ll get mad props. Otherwise, I’m only telling a few select friends where it is.

UPDATE: Now that this has rolled off a couple days, the link to the video is going back up. I apologize for being kinda flakey about this, but please understand that I can’t have people raping my bandwidth like crazy. It’s a 113 MB file for crissake, and there were 400 downloads yesterday; You do the math.

2004-06-25-larry_king_live_-_jon_stewart.avi (113MB)

LARRY KING LIVE – Interview With Jon Stewart [CNN]

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