Iraqi judge orders arrest of American aide to Chalabi

ChalabiAn Iraqi judge has ordered that the American consultant Francis Brooke, who tried to stop the recent raid on the politician’s headquarters, be arrested. However, Brooke has fled to… Washington, so it’s doubtful if there will be any extradition. The Telegraph has the full story in “Iraqi judge orders arrest of American aide to Chalabi”:

“He stopped the raid by telling the police they didn’t have the legal power to do it because he was an American and they were Iraqis,” said Judge Zuhair Al-Maliky, of the central criminal court in Baghdad.”


Mr Brooke, who is an evangelical Christian, has worked with Mr Chalabi since 1990 – first as a consultant paid by the CIA and most recently as a consultant for BKSH and Associates, a company run by Charlie Black, a Republican Party veteran.

Good to see that Republican stalwarts had no problem funding this guy’s aides after the CIA dropped his bogus ass.

Iraqi judge orders arrest of American aide to Chalabi [Telegraph]

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