Iraq Power Transferred; Ceremonial Date Change Baffles Insurgents

Well, this is really not that bad of an idea once you consider that the insurgents trying to stop the hand-over were stepping up operations in the latest week. But what exactly does the handover entail? Associated Press has the details in U.S. transfers power to Iraq:

Bremer’s last moments in Iraq were spent in a meeting with Lt.-Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the top American commander in the country. An aide to Bremer, speaking on condition of anonymity, declined to say where Bremer was headed, saying only that “he was going home.”

Although the interim government will have full sovereignty, it will operate under major restrictions – some of them imposed at the urging of the influential Shiite clergy which sought to limit the powers of an unelected administration.


However, the United States and its partners hope that the transfer of sovereignty will serve as a psychological boost for Iraqis, who have been increasingly frustrated by and hostile to foreign military occupation. U.S. officials hope that Iraqis will believe they are now in control of their country and that will take steam out of the insurgency.

But Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari denied the moved up handover was intended to surprise insurgents.

That last line… total horseshit.

U.S. transfers power to Iraq [AP]

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