Iraq Funeral Photos: Media “Afraid of These”

Iraq War funeralIt’s rather saddening that there’s been little humanity in the coverage of the soldiers who have died in Iraq. There’s a distinctive pattern of self-censorship that has been occuring, using only numbers and vague reports of attacks instead of showing the true cost of the war.

The Memory Hole once again brings us news of funeral photos that the media won’t touch:

Photographer-photojournalist Aaron Huey writes to tell us that his website has a new, ongoing series of photos he’s taken at funerals for military personnel killed in Iraq. He says that “the magazines are afraid of these pictures.”

Even though his work has been published in ‘Smithsonian’ magazine and ‘Photographer’s International,’ and he was an assistant to a ‘National Geographic’ photographer, and he has his own online forum at Kodak’s website, only one news outlet (‘Seattle Post-Intelligencer’) has had the guts to run one of his funeral photos

You can view Aaron Huey’s photo-essay online, it’s very heart-wrenching.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. No need to show more.Everyone knows someone whos been lost in this war. Why expand Hell bigger than what it already is. Till I see you again brothers.