I think I’m Turning Japanese as I Travel on the Internet

My old infographic “How News Travels on the Internet” has been commented on in Japanese (awfully translated with WordLingo). I took the liberty of translating some of it back:

The contents how keep being spread?
To increase the frequency of access to the contents dispatching site such as news, is not to depend on just direct visit and the [untranslated], the various channels (the root) from the consideration which is made to visit is necessary. The effective expedient is RSS transmission. Once, when it starts being spread in the world of [untranslated], when they are the funny contents, access of the extent which is not believed rushes in. Below diagramming the mechanism where news are spread the article is interesting.

It’s still amazing to see people linking to this, it’s truly been a proof of concept item.

» Distribution of information changes, predominance of the newspaper andthe magazine does dangerously [Media pub]

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