Hunter Thompson for Kerry Veep?

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I know, never going to happen. But it’s fun to throw that out there, because Hunter S. Thompson is one of the few great American writers who has always had his fist wrapped around the throat of the corrupt political pig-dogs. The real news is that John Kerry met with Thompson in a secret meeting while visiting Aspen yesterday. The New York Times had the news in it’s coverage piece “The Longest Day”:

Half the group headed to Aspen, in two smaller planes, for a fundraiser and a visit with the writer Hunter S. Thompson, while the other half spent its eighth, ninth, 10th, 11th and 12th hours of the day without hearing a word from Mr. Kerry.

That must have been a hell of a long meeting.

I snagged this nice bit of information from American Dynamics’ “hunter and jfk”, but I have to disagree with his assertion that HST is the “god of the angry left.” No man with that many guns and a fanaticism for explosives would call himself a liberal.

Since it was a secret, my best “real” guess is to agree with Blaze thickeye (that’s twice I’ve attributed wrong) that Hunter gave some political strategy insight to Kerry, which he will never follow. It would be really smart for libertarian Michael Badnarik to go talk to Hunter S. Thompson, if he knows what’s good for his campaign. Selah.

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  1. In the credit where credit is due department, that post was actually written by my former guest blogger and now occasional contributor, thickeye. Funny bit is that I read about it here first. Need to find a better way to keep track of guest posts…

  2. Fixed it, that’s the second time that I’ve done that with your site. I always assume that you’re the only one posting over there.