How to use your Right-Wing Blog to Defeat Liberal Media

liberal mediaRight-wingers, we have a product that you might just want! Are you having problems with propaganda? Do journalists not seem as interested in the wonderful new water purification system as they are in that pointless story about some people shot in the fucking head? Are they investigating historical documents that would make your politicians looks bad? Does the whole world seem out to get you?

Congratulations, they are! Thanks to Blame The Liberal Media.

With this foolproof plan, you too can wrestle control over what’s in the news by letting everyone know that when the news is not in your favor, it’s that damned liberal media making shit up again.

Did some insurgents blow away election workers in the middle of downtown Baghdad in broad daylight? Fuck yeah, and it’s because the liberal media was there to photograph it, those assholes! Not only that, but the liberal media is working with the terrorists! Facts, truth, reality? No, just twist whatever is written to fit your notion of what happened.

There, now you have it. Now go forth, and destroy the liberal press, it’s getting in the way of the good news that you so desperately need.

You see, with this easy-to-understand strategy, even with mountains of bad news and documents, one fuck-up on their part is your chance to pounce and cast dispersions on every other story they run, simply because they are liberal. And the best part is, because you are a blogger, and bloggers are now cool because they took down Dan Rather, the liberal media has to take whatever opinion or theory you have and respond to it. So even if you are wrong, they have to spend time responding to you instead of doing more liberal journalism. SCORE!

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. Faggot ass pussies. If you like these fucks you are no different than a terrorist.

    These idiots are the same as a muslim cleric, both are preaching hatred. Dont listen to these
    queers… anyone who does probably also owns Michael Morons movie Farenheit 911 and have been
    programmed by all it’s lies.

    Do yourself a favor, you commie pussy and go get your facts straight… you can start by
    first finding and watching the “FARENHYPE” 911 movie which proves all of the lies as false and
    uncontestablly false at that. Then after you’ve marinaded on that for a while. Start watching
    something besided slanted liberal news. This means giving up CNN and MSNBC etc… and tuning
    into news that provides facts to back up their stories and news. Not lies and forged documents.

    next start listening to conservative talk radio, get the side of the story youve always been
    missing. Its not your fault youre this way… it’s a result of media spin for years and years
    unchecked. Liberals are out of control and are hell bent on sending this country down the drain.

    Listen to talk radio. Specifically, The Rush Limbaugh Show and Sean Hannity at a minimum for 1 week should
    be enough to un brain wash the liberalism out of you. If not, then you are either beyond help and
    should seek therapy or listen for another week. If that doesnt do it… then call the shows and
    speak your point. Be prepared to be shot out of the water, democrat views and beliefs mean nothing
    and are backed by lies… so be prepared to be lambasted with truth. It will be hard for you to
    not hang up, but please try. Your mental health is at stake. If you dont act now to rid yourself
    of this liberal disease that is polluting your mind then who will? cnn? michael moron? msnbc?
    the ny times? the washington post? sorry… not gonna happen. They are mouth pieces for
    which are also purveyors of hatred and spreaders of lies.

    Let me dispell something, Liberals believe that George W. Lied to the US just to go to war.
    What did he alledgedly lie about? WMD. This is the hangup/spin of why we went to war… This
    was not why… it was one of many reasons why and was a new development at the time. Clinton said it as well…
    do they call him a liar? No… see the hatred here? See the one sided slanted horse shit they choose
    to believe? The Lying Liberals dont give a shit, they want bush out… and its not going to happen so they
    want to ruin everythign he does. They dont care about WMD they care about making bush look bad, They can’t
    just say hey we thought they had WMD… because we gave them a lot of it years ago, nooooo They cant say
    we thought you had it, you dont but thats not a chance we were willing to take. You wouldnt let our inspectors
    in, so what were we to think? We had to go in, if nothing else to ensure ourselves that this known terrorist
    country could not wage a mass death toll on the world. Was that the stance they took? nooooo did they even give
    the president the benefit of the doubt? hell no! not for a second. The Libs forged documents just so they could
    call the president a liar! Who’s out of wack here? Who’s not in the main stream? Who are the gullible fools?
    Who are the pathetic mind numbed idiots who will believe any hate speech made by their own out of touch leaders?
    Democrats. They are not worthy of living in this great country. They do not believe in the constitution or what
    it represents. They are all a bunch of slack-jawwed faggots and are ruining this country. They should just get the
    fuck out… they dont like it here, they hate the USA, the would fit right in with the terrorists. Too bad theyre
    infadels too and would be murdered.

    The reasons were 14, 14 resolutions on the ceasefire agreement were made and 14 were not
    abided by. This alone gave us reason to go into Iraq and resume the ceasefire. The overall picture is this..
    further recruit the american left people did bush have to further outline his reasons. Nothing is good
    enough and the real reason why they continue to harp on bush and no WMD is just to make him look bad.
    They dont give a rats ass about this country or if theres any WMD or not they just want Bush to look bad.
    I would bet that a like minded set of folks are in syria sitting on all the WMD that was trucked out in the
    days leading up to the resumption of the ceasefire in iraq. We know they shipped out convoys of trucks to
    syria… what were in them? take a guess…. cash and WMD. The WMD will be found… the republican philosophy is
    to find it there, not here. If we take the democrat/liberal approach… we will find it here.

    If you don’t have truth on your side you have nothing.

    If your beliefs are based on lies, then you are an idiot.

    You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.

    Dont be a pussy on defending this country and taking the fight to the bad guys.

    USA is not the bad guys, Liberal Democrats and Muslim Clerics who preach hatred
    and all of their followers are.

    Stop being a means to tear this country down and do something positive. If the democrats actually
    stood for something other than big goverment, high taxes, and stripping away the core values of
    this country then they too might get elected. But they dont, they stand for lies and hatred. So,
    fuck them all… and if youre in this group you should be ashamed.

    I foresee the Democrat party slipping into the minority below the independent party. They will cease
    to exist as they are… they cannot win elections based on what they believe, they lie in their campaigns
    just to get elected. Democrats accept this and itself is a travesty.

    Think about it… watch the Libs lie on a daily basis, get the truth… they wont give it to you,
    you must seek it out. When you do you will be enlightened and will never again trust a democrat and you
    will show respect to the only party in our country who is worth respecting… republicans.

    Also for your pleasure:

    How Many Liberals Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

    ANSWER: 706

    -251 to apologize to the world for all of the heat that the old bulb gave
    off and the resultant contribution to Global Warming.

    -130 to perform the environmental impact study.

    -83 to file a lawsuit to block all future development.

    -110 to fight the lawsuit to block all future development.

    -48 to ensure that the new bulb was produced by a company owned by a
    disabled minority women.

    -16 to police the work-site ensuring that all communication falls within
    established guidelines of Political Correctness.

    -27 to conduct sensitivity training to prevent anyone at the work-site from
    feeling ‘offended.’

    -31 to defend the Bulb Installation Crew for sexually harrassing the Bulb
    Installation Intern.

    -10 to gather all participants together at project’s end to hold hands and
    discuss their guilty feelings about having jobs when others are homeless
    and unemployed.

    Read these quotes from Dennis Miller, Liberals got a huge slap in the face on this day!

    “I think as a nation periodically, you have to put your foot down and just let people
    know there’s a line you don’t go beyond,” Miller said. “Now who are we going to bank on?
    The United Nations? For God sakes, you only have to watch one session of the General
    Assembly [and] you want to prescribe Ritalin to a glacier, they’re so ineffective.”

    “Since the French weren’t on the war train … you know we’re gonna find some dirty
    paper on them vis-a-vis reactor parts and favorable oil deals, I think that’s when Bush
    calls [French president Jacques] Chirac and says ‘Listen, you didn’t want to fight the war.
    Who’s gonna take care of the day-to-day needs of the noble Iraqi? You are, you idiot,
    because I think concierge is a French word, isn’t it?'”

    “You never know why the Germans don’t want to get on board,” Miller continued. “Maybe they don’t
    agree with the war, maybe it’s not on a grand enough scale.”

    “There’s people that worry that now we’re gonna be in a world of suicide bombers and people that
    are willing to give their life to cause trouble,” said O’Brien.

    “They existed before this. They’re gonna exist after this,” Miller responded. “You know other
    than the bombs they strap to their chest, I have absolutely no idea what makes suicide bombers tick.”

    “A lot of people who oppose this war are saying, ‘Listen, there’s a huge negative backlash
    internationally,’ [that] we should worry about that.”

    “There is anyway, Conan,” said Miller. “Look at 9-11. How much worse is it gonna get than that,
    that backlash they keep talking about? Listen, you have to remember, we’re gonna have to protect
    ourselves now. It’s time to circle the SUVs because America is simultaneously the world’s most
    loved, hated, admired and feared nation. … In short, we’re Frank Sinatra. And you know something,
    ‘The Chairman’ did not make his bones lying down for punks outside the Fontainebleu [Hotel].”

    Written by Russ Vaughn
    Saturday, January 22, 2005

    How many Liberals does it take to win a war?

    How many of you Liberals does it take to win a war?

    Well how the hell can we tell? You won’t fight one anymore.

    You say that you support the troops, but the truth’s plain as your face,

    You’d pull us from the battle, march us home in full disgrace.

    You’ve no stomach for the fighting, got no mettle, got no pluck;

    If you ran this war on terror, we’d be a very well plucked duck.

    The wolves of Jihad smell your dread, can smell your craven breath,

    And emboldened by the fear they scent, lust for our bloody death.

    “But wait,” you protest piously , “We are fighters for the poor.”

    Might we suggest you start to fight, before wolves come through the door?

    Do you think they’ll still believe in you, your poor, your gays, your blacks,

    When the wolves run wild among them, sinking fangs into their backs?

    Think then that they’ll be caring, when they’re counting out their dead,

    We inflict pain on a captive wolf to learn what’s in his head?

    Do you really think, you bleeding hearts, when they bleed in scarlet torrents,

    They’ll care we cage the savage wolves, search lairs without signed warrants?

    For years we watched your “feel good” courts defang our criminal laws,

    Handcuff our police, give felons rights, espouse the criminals’ cause.

    Felonious wolves were freed to prey, and we suffered their wild rages

    Till “thinking” men took back the courts, put the wolf packs back in cages.

    With your same old clueless “feelings” you now decry this war;

    And with your same old fuzzy logic, common sense you still ignore.

    We must look into “root causes” and we must try to “feel their pain;”

    Pardon if our eyes start rolling, at your same old lame refrain.

    It’s hard to fathom whence you come, perhaps some flawed eugenics,

    That begets utopian pessimists, sires optimistic cynics.

    Thanks be the power to rule the land remains beyond your means;

    A regime of yours, would be like, no doubt, being ruled by pimpled teens.

    Your quixotic quest for a world love nest, denies some truths quite real,

    Like the need to have some “thinking” folks to preserve your right to “feel.”

    Abhorring blood on your own hands, there’s a hard truth you’ve ignored,

    Someone else must take your plowshare, and beat it back into a sword.

    So how many of you Liberals does it take to win a war?

    Or is there simply nothing you believe worth fighting for?

    How is it that you’ve never learned, like most when they grow older,

    That appeasing badness is a bad idea, only makes the bad guys bolder.

    Has your fear of spilling human blood made you Jihad’s useful fools,

    Ignoring that their wolf packs never fight within the rules?

    By your demand we stay our hand, you weaken and you bind us;

    Forcing us to fight off wolf attacks with that hand tied behind us.

    So we bend some rules, in war you fools; so what? Show some respect,

    When it’s your fuzzy-headed “feelings” “thinking” men fight to protect.

    Russ Vaughn

    2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment

    101st Airborne Division

    Vietnam 65-66

    About the Writer: Russ describes himself as a proud red-state retard and a former Democrat ’til they made him politically homeless and the Republicans offered him shelter. He spent six years as a paratrooper and served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne. Russ receives e-mail at

  2. Thank you for making my point, YAI.

    You are a product of the disinformation from both sides, you just don’t know it yet.