How News Travels… In Other Languages

This is a follow-up to “How News Travels on the Internet”. Every couple of days, another site will link to it and there will be a few more hits. Presumably this cycle repeats itself in a wave pattern, with the largest waves at the front. Or so I’ve seen.

Anyways, a lot of the sites aren’t in English, and while I can half-ass read Norwegian (or whatever it was), German, Spanish, and a little French, I make no attempts to quantify my level of Chinese. Apparently the readers of this article aren’t versed in English, or they are lazy like me. Anyways, someone posted a link to the infographic, except they changed it all to Chinese. I thought it looked pretty cool, except they didn’t do the legend or the notes, so a bunch of Chinese people probably think I am stupid and it is a horrible graphic.

Stephen VanDyke

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